Who is Stephanie? What is Enchanted Wellness? And what is Wellness Camp?

I am a health coach, life coach and dream weaver.

on the dockMy name is Stephanie Ballou. I am a heath and wellness coach, personal trainer and  life coach. I work with busy women and moms who struggle with understanding nutrition and enjoying exercise. I help them by giving them new ideas on how to make exercise fun, changing their limiting beliefs on proper nutrition and giving them control over their health so that they can live happier, healthier lives on their own terms.




Enchanted Wellness & Fitness Studio is a place for women to become empowered. We cultivate knowledge, strength and confidence so that every woman can live and feel beautiful.



Wellness Camp
is a 6 week program designed to cover all aspects of wellness – mind, body, spirit. The program offers the knowledge and guidance to begin building a strong, lasting foundation so that you can create the strongest version of YOU and the best life for YOU.




I often joke that I was born green. It has always come naturally to want to do what is best for the environment. For as far back as I can remember I have been more than just a nature lover.

My days as a landscaper (my favorite job of all time) only strengthened this love of clean, nature based living. Working for 60’s hippies, one a botanist, the other from a family of nursery owners, with their “do it by hand – be conscientious” attitudes drove me further into the study of, not only how to live a greener lifestyle, but finding ways to make it easy.

For years I have grown my own foods, composted, driven my family nuts turning off lights and unplugging electronics. It can take some effort to reduce the impact you have on this planet. I, too, could still change many things! For instance, my gas guzzling SUV I love so much! But if we all do a little, together we can have a great impact.

As a personal trainer, I take great pride and comfort knowing I am helping someone live healthier and feel better. As a Realtor, I have basked in helping to create dreams and homes. Now, I hope to combine my many successes and loves.

I want nothing more than to make the people around me happier, healthier, feel a little better, live a little better, laugh a little louder and love a little stronger.

I have created a full line of Botanical and Apothecary products that are all natural, hand-made from locally grown or wild foraged plants, when ever I can. Soaps, shampoos, beauty products, teas, tinctures and remedies.

I provide personal training, nutritional assistance and coaching. As well as Reiki.

If you have an ailment, a concern, need advice, a trainer – call or email me with whatever your need.